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Repair of the medial (inside) hoof wall of the right hind limb after pedal bone surgery

  1. The hoof capsule after surgey


3. The bar shoe is then applied to the foot and packed with a dressing


5. A resin is applied to the aluminium wall and shaped to the contours of the hoof


2. A bar shoe is then fabricated with an aluminium plate which will replace the missing hoof wall


4. An aluminium hospital plate is then cut and shaped, then bolted to the bar shoe. This can then be removed at intervals to check the hoof and repack with sterile dressings


6. Then a putty and flexible sealant is applied between the heel bulbs and the shoe. This will stop any debris getting under the shoe.


7. The finished hoof.The horse is now fully weight bearing on the foot.The horse will return in 4 weeks to have the hoof trimmed and the shoe reset.


comments by Dr Svend Kold

The horse with an infected tendon sheath and partially severed tendons is doing remarkably well in terms of the sheath but is increasingly uncomfortable in the other hindlimb. To help the horse, we have now applied an extension shoe to the operated hindlimb, which will support the fetlock, as well as a heart bar shoe to the contralateral hindlimb to apply counterpressure to the pedal bone. This masterwork has been done by Robin Compton DipWCF who shoes for us at Willesley Equine Clinic a number of days every week and is an exemplary craftsman. He is a most important contributor to any success that I may have with my orthopaedic patients!

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